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When one talks about the best cities and towns in the State of Michigan there are a few cities starting with ‘A’ which come to our mind. Ada is one such city which has a lot of historical significance and importance. Apart from some of the best places of tourist interest, it is the place which is the headquarter of one of the world’s largest direct selling company Amway. The next city which holds out lot of promise for tourists and others is without any doubt Ann Arbor. Though in terms of size it is the sixth largest city of Michigan, it offers some of the best places of tourist interest and attraction. Hence it would not be a wrong idea to have a look at the same over the next few lines.

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Visit The Famous Michigan Theater

Michigan is famous for its tourist interest and no visit to this city can be considered complete without paying a visit to the famous Michigan Theater. The theater was opened way back in 1928. The theater was renovated in 2005 to its original glory. You must certainly watch a good movie in this theater if you are somebody who loves art and culture. Apart from the above it also would not be a wrong idea to explore more about technology and science by paying a visit to the great Hands on Museum. Amongst the various things it would be a great experience to know more about the famous H2Oh Water Exhibition.

The Ark

If you are lover of art and music then you must certainly watch an Art and Music show at The Ark. With a seating capacity for around 400 it is the place to be in for all those who love the best in folk and country music. It will simply leave you

The Ark

The Ark in Ann Arbor (Wikipedia)

enthralled in more sense than one. You could perhaps follow this up with a football match in the Big House. It features some of the best teams including the likes of Wolverines. It is one of the biggest college stadiums in the country and therefore it will be an exhilarating experience.

A walk down the Main Street or Ann Arbor without any doubt will be the final icing on the cake. It will have a wide variety of entertainment for you and will leave you spell bounded to say the least. Hence at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that there are literally a wide variety of places to see and enjoy as far as this city is concerned. You must spend some quality time on the internet where you will have better and more relevant information about the various other things which one could come across on a visit to Ann Arbor.