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Ann Arbor is a famous city in Michigan of the U.S.A. it has a rich tradition and culture and over the past many decades it has captured the imagination of thousands of people not only within the US but across the world.

There are many contributory factors which has led to this city becoming such a sought after place of tourist interest. One major reason is the fact that university of Michigan is situated here. It plays a big role in not only to drive the economy of the city but also bring in lot of tourists from across the globe. Many of them come as students and undertake graduation as well as post graduation courses. Apart from education, art and culture also has a big role to play as far as tourism is concerned.

The Fairy Doors

Those who have families with children can afford to spend their weekends by visiting the famous The Fairy Doors. It is a perfect getaway during the weekends and has some of the best entertainment avenue for kids. Even grown up adults also have quite a bit to learn by visiting this place. It has some of the best cafes and galleries and it is a suitable place to spend the weekend with family.

The Farmers Market

Another place of tourist interest is the Farmers Market which is open from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on all days. it is a place where you can get the best vegetables and poultry item at the most competitive rates it is a wonderful place to be in especially for those who like bargaining and buying things. You can also spend some time in some of the fast food joints which will be the ideal place to grab something as a small meal and get started with your purchase.

The Dexter Cider Mill

Situated in a suburb around 11 miles to the south west Ann Arbor, The Dexter Cider Mill is perhaps one of the oldest mills not only in Michigan across the entire country. They are very famous locally for the high class cider finished products, donuts and various other home made goods. It is one of the best places to be in for all those who would like to experience antiquated ways of making clothes.


The above are only a small example of various places to see when a person is discovering the hidden treasures of Ann Arbor. The best way to get a complete brief of places of tourist interest would be to spend some time on the net looking up pertinent websites which have the relevant information to share